All seats are numbered from left to right when viewed from the arena floor. Seating rows are lettered A through L with row A being lowest and closest to the arena floor. HANDICAPPED Seating - See details below.

There is no room for strollers in the seating area.

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Regular Seating - Row A-L (All sections)



Gold Circle - Row AA (All sections)



Gold Circle - Row BB (All sections)



Gold Circle - Row CC (All sections)

(Row CC seats are only available through the Circus Office).



Ringmaster Seats


Learn More About Ringmaster Seats



Handicapped / Accessible Seating

  • All handicapped / accessible seating is right on the show floor and priced at $20.
  • The handicapped area has folding chairs which may be moved for wheelchairs.
  • Handicapped ticket holders may use any available seats within the handicapped area.



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